Day Two

Since There were no book-selling events scheduled on Day Two, David and I took the ferry from Dartmouth where we’re staying to Halifax and did a little research for my next book. We walked to St. George’s Little Dutch church, which would have been familiar to my ancestor Michael Eisan when he arrived in Halifax. We also saw St. George’s Round Church where he might have been married in 1830.

St. George’s Round Church, Halifax

Also I spent the morning making sure that future book-selling events will go smoothly. My first problem is that the 50 copies of The Serpentine Garden I ordered from Create Space have not arrived yet and so I won’t be able to sell them tonight. Big Bummer. Another problem is that there has been NO publicity for the speaking engagement in Ship Harbour, so I don’t expect much of a turnout there. Alas.
Still I will keep positive. This afternoon we are driving to Middle Musquodoboit for my first speaking engagement at the Bicentennial Theatre. I am fighting a cold and hope that I will be able to talk. My nerves are shot. Wish me luck.

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