Day Four of Book Tour

Day four was a day of sitting in bookstores, smiling and signing books. I spent an hour and a half at a Chapters in a big box store and an hour and a half in a Coles in a mall.  Total sales: two books in each store. I had no idea how exhausting it can be to smile for 3 hours!

The most interesting people I met all day were two men from Scotland who stopped by to talk. They lived not far from Ellon, the setting for Book Two of my series. One of them knew about the “wicked earl” and was even the curator of Haddo Hall, the earl’s main residence, though I don’t think he spent much time there what with his three mistress’s residences. Unfortunately, they didn’t buy a book but let’s hope they check me out online. In case they do… hello! Hope you enjoyed your trip to Canada.

Day five I will do some more signing at Historic Properties in the bookstore Carrefour Atlantique. Probably won’t post after that as I will be extremely busy the next day.

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