Day Six of Book Tour

Signing at Historic Properties on Day 5

It’s all about the people! Day six was a great day. We spent the morning putting up posters about my reading in Ship Harbour all along the Eastern Shore. Only problem was that we had trouble finding businesses to post at. The situation looks bleak. If anyone does show up, I might have to sell the book at half price.

Then we had lunch with the local NDP MLA Gary Burrill at Reid’s Restaurant in Middle Musquodoboit. He had also published a book with Borealis Press and had a connection with the Deans, as do most people in the Valley.

We spent the afternoon looking at graves. Eldon Geddes took us out to the woods to see some graves of his relatives, some of whom were named Susan Kirke since the Dean’s daughter married Michael Geddes. I took this cool shot of the grave of the man who wrote My Pioneer Ancestorsat Hillcrest Cemetery.

Note the reflection of the author in the gravestone.

Then in the evening I did a reading at Sharon Presbyterian Church at Dean. About seven people were there, plus the 3 church ladies in the kitchen. They bought about a dozen books. At the end of the evening, Harold Dean showed up, and though he did not buy a book, he was a fountain of Dean information being descended from the original Deans three ways. We had a wonderful long talk with him. It’s all about the people!

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