Day Eleven

Here’s me, Christopher Dean, his mother and sister at the Dartmouth Chapters store for a book signing. Chris is my third cousin. I think I got that right; our great-grandfathers were brothers. He invited us over after the signing. We met many of his family and had cupcakes and tea. He purchased seven books and showed us that famous Nova Scotia hospitality. Thanks Chris!

Chelsea, Andrea, Sherry, me, Margaret, Chris and Jocelyne

Today we are off to Kentville for Thanksgiving supper with the Brays! David will enjoy some time with his family for a change. Kentville is famous for its Pumpkin People, which I’m looking forward to seeing. Pictures tomorrow, perhaps.

4 thoughts on “Day Eleven

  1. Hello,

    I am also yours and Chris’ third cousin. I received your book for Christmas from my wife and quite enjoyed it. My Mother has a picture from long ago of your grandfater Everett during a visit with my grandmother Muriel, Chris’ grandfather Jim and others.

    Hope to hear from you sometime.


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