Day Four in South Carolina

I spent the day visiting battle sites of the American REvolution.

First, the remains of the fort at Ninety Six. I found that there were actually three forts at the stockade. We could still see the remains of the Star Fort and walk around the perimeter of what was the village. There was a 27 day siege here where the British and the Loyalist militias held off the rebels. My great-great-great-great-grandfather Michael Eisan was there.

Then we visited King’s Mountain where the American rebels had a decisive victory on October 7, 1780. I discovered Michael’s name in a book called “The Loyalists at King’s Mountain”, as good proof as I will ever get that Michael Eisan was there, although his name was written as Michael Isom. There is one thing that no one ever said in those days and that is “How do you spell that?”

My research now is over, although tomorrow I may visit the site of the Battle of the Cowpens. I don’t think Michael Eisan was there, but you never know. Today we’ll check out some of the sites of Charlotte, North Carolina and tomorrow it’s on to  Altanta, Georgia and home.

I probably won’t post again until then.

2 thoughts on “Day Four in South Carolina

  1. I really enjoyed your posts – thanks for keeping us up to date. Makes me want to visit the same places that our ancestors treaded – thanks again.

  2. Edeana Monty told me about your blog.Enjoyed it so much remember spending time in the cemetery also. Looking forward to the Eisan saga. Joyce W

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