Musings from Middle Earth (4)

More about the Big One

Wellington, this time

My husband David wanted to go to New Zealand because he lived there 40 years ago and he wanted to see what had changed. We visited Wellington where he had spent the most time

2015 495

and he said almost nothing was the same. He recognized old haunts only from the street signs.

The building that housed the radio station where he worked has been torn down and there’s a McDonald’s in its place.

Such is progress!

Such is progress!

The building where he had an apartment has been demolished as well and a new house built in its place.

2015 504

and the house next door that was similar to his former home has just been sold for $2 million!

More progress.

More progress.

Probably due to the spectacular view!

2015 501

When we were talking about these changes with a New Zealander, he explained that Wellington had demolished and replaced many of its buildings that were not earthquake proof.

Interesting! In light of yet another BC report on how unprepared we are for the Big One, would we like to consider such a move? Given that 115 people perished in one building collapse in Christchurch, it’s something to think about.

2015 389

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