The Loyalist is coming!

1The Loyalist is coming! March 1, 2017 my latest novel will be published as an e-book and it is available now for pre-order at select retailers.In the next few weeks I will be offering information about the research I did on this book and some excerpts of the novel, so stay tuned.

The Loyalist is my great-great-great-great-grandfather who came to be known as Michael Eisan, though he had many names over the course of the century in which he lived. Born in about 1730 in the Palatine region of Germany, his name was Michael Greissen Frein. On the passenger list of the ship that took him to South Carolina, and in the record of his land grant there, his name is spelled in various ways, such as Greisen Frier. In South Carolina, he shortened his name and in the British militia pay records of the American Revolution, it is written as Isham or Isom. Finally, in Nova Scotia, the family name came to be spelled Eisan by later, more literate generations.

However it is spelled, The Loyalist makes for spell-binding reading. Order your copy today!

3 thoughts on “The Loyalist is coming!

    • It won’t be in paperback form for a while. I’m just e-publishing at the moment as it doesn’t cost anything. Perhaps in a few months I’ll get a hard copy done.

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