About Edeana

When I read a book, I want to be taken away to another world, but I want to learn something too. Historical fiction really fits the bill for me, and that’s why I write it as well.

I’ve had seven short stories published, three of which have won awards. You can read these stories on this site. I also helped write and edit a book of collected memoirs called Stories United: Harvesting Elders’ Wisdom, which has sold almost 1200 copies. Some of my published poems are also on this website.

But far and away my favourite activity is writing well-researched historical fiction. My first five novels were based on the lives of my ancestors. I have been blessed with ancestors who have fascinating stories that need to be told, and, since this is fiction, I get to add my own spin and pump it up just that little bit more.

While doing family tree research, I came across the story of the Dean family, who were pioneers in Nova Scotia in 1795.  From their lives I have written four novels: Book 1: The Serpentine Garden Path (the Deans’ unconventional courtship in England), Book 2: The Gardener’s Wife (The Deans’ life at Ellon Castle in Scotland), Book 3: Letters from the Gardener (the Deans’ life in Ireland),  and Book 4: A Garden in the Wilderness (the Deans’ first year as pioneers in Nova Scotia). This last book is now available from the publisher Borealis Press in Ottawa (free shipping in Canada) at borealispress.com

Books 1, 2 and 3, The Serpentine Garden Path, The Gardener’s Wife and Letters from the Gardener, are available at http://www.smashwords.com and a hard copies of The Serpentine Garden Path and The Gardener’s Wife can be ordered from http://www.amazon.com

My latest novel is based on the life of a different ancestor, Michael Eisan, a Loyalist who settled in Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia after the American Revolution. Its working title is The Loyalist. You can read more about the research behind all these books in my blogs. It was published in 2018 and can be ordered from any retail bookstore.

I am the president of the executive of Victoria Writers’ Society. We support writers in the Greater Victoria region. If you live on Vancouver Island, consider joining. Check us out at www.victoriawriters.ca

Keep on reading and keep on writing. Your words are important.

13 thoughts on “About Edeana

  1. Hi Edeana
    I found your blog, and I’m feeling very smug about it too, as I am so aware of how little I know about all the new communication tools folks use these days. It’ll be fun to read your blogs. I do feel quite inspired by the workshop last weekend to do some more writing and to read other peoples’ work as well – thanks again.

  2. Hi Edeana
    I am a Dean as well. My name is Rebekah (Dean) Marshall. John Dean was my great, great, great, great grandfather. I have the same Burris book as you. I am going to the Middle Musquodoboit signing tomorrow where I hope to meet you and purchase the two books you have in hard copy. I would like to have them all but my sister tells me two of them are only available for a e reader. Anyway I hope to see you tomorrow.

  3. Hello cousin,
    I just got a phone call from another cousin and you have definately started a buzz. It’s too bad I had’t heard before your departure. I’m in the Annapolis Valley and could easily have met you in Kentville. Maybe next time you are in town. I’ve been doing our genealogy since about 1970 and a few years ago spent months living in Great Britain and visited all the old home sites and cemeteries. We should compare notes.
    Sheila E. Dean
    Russell Vernon – Agnes Jane – Thomas Flemming – James (Little Jim) – James – John and Susan
    Russell Vernon – John Alfred – Charles Blackie – John – John – John and Susan

    • Hi Sheila,

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’ve been extremely busy and I’m off to Hawaii later today for a good rest. When I get back I’ll try to get in touch with you again. It’s too bad we missed each other when I was in Kentville. We had a great trip to Nova Scotia. Talk to you soon.


  4. Hi Edeana,
    I couldn’t find your email address, but I found this page. My daughter-in-law in England posted this on facebook and I thought you might be interested. I didn’t research it so I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but… If it works, enjoy!

    Fancy yourself as a paperback writer? Enter our competition before 21st February for your chance to win 50 copies of your work professionally printed and bound by our team in Wimbledon. Find out how to enter here: http://www.aquatint.co.uk/blog/world-book-day-comp

  5. Dear Mrs Malcom

    I had the good fortune of meeting you and buying your book”The Loyalists” some months back.

    I have been battling the Corona Virus for the past 3 weeks, and took solace in your novel which I enjoyed very much. I took away a great lesson from your “Iron” ancestor “Michael”, his will to not only persevere but to thrive and stand tall is inspiring. Thank you for a lovely novel! Gary L.

    • It is so gratifying as a writer to receive feedback. I’m sorry to hear about your illness. It sounds as though you will survive and I’m glad that Michael has helped you to persevere. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery! Edeana

  6. Hi,

    My 5th great Grandfather is also Michael Eisan, I look forward to reading your story and just ordered your book. I live in the US [my Great Grandmother was brought down here after her parents died…from the halifax explosion in the 1900s, she lived to be 102 here in the USA] we have a strength to us. An ability to survive the worst of the worst.

    [I was just discussing with my family how I am lucky to have lived and survived as many things as I have so it will be interesting to read about the man who “died of excess after taking another wife” at the age of 103 as a family bible I have seen stated]

    I hope to some day go to Halifax Nova Scotia and see the sights with my child and maybe meet some of the distant cousins that still reside there…

    • Hi there! It’s so good to hear from a distant relative. I hope you’re keeping safe down there in the States. We’re praying for you because the pandemic isn’t being managed so well and it’s heart-breaking to see. I live on the other side of Canada on Vancouver Island, but I love visiting Halifax. It’s a beautiful town.

  7. Dear Ms Malcom, i was born Anna Florence Dean and have recently been found by 2 nieces. Have read A GARDEN IN THE WILDERNESS , have found proof this is my maternal family history. Thank you for writing about them. Have connected with blood relatives for first timw look over past
    decade. Would love to talk with you about my experiences. All would be confidrntial of course. Look forward to email. Thank you Jan Greenough daughter if Florence Dean deceased.

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