Dean Genealogy

1. John Dean    (m. 1777)  Susan Kirke

b. abt. 1755, Scotland     b. abt. 1760, England

d. 1832, Dean Settlement, Nova Scotia   d. 1796, Upper Musquodoboit, N. S.

2. James Dean  (m. abt. 1812)  Elizabeth Henry

b. 1778, London, England      b. 1785, Nova Scotia

d. 1858 (?),Dean, Nova Scotia    d. 1834, Dean, Nova Scotia

3. Charles Morrison Dean   (m. ?)   Mary E. Garrett

b. 1829(?), Upper Musquodoboit, N.S.      b. abt. 1835, Nova Scotia

d. Nov. 17, 1900, Ship Harbour, N.S.      d. May 19, 1912, Ship Harbour, N.S.

4.Charles Edward Dean   (m. Oct. 19, 1891, Ship Harbour, N.S.)  Isabelle Susan Eisan

b. Jan. 26, 1862, Ship Harbour, N.S.      b. Nov. 21, 1864, Ship Harbour, N.S.

d. Jan. 26, 1913, Prince Albert, Sk.     d. Feb. 6, 1944, Prince Albert, Sk.

5. Everett Burton Dean  (m. Apr. 19, 1919, Prince Albert, Sask.)  Gladys Emily Horton

b. Sept. 15, 1894, Ship Harbour, N.S.    b. 1897, Norton Caines, England

d. May 10, 1949, Victoria, BC     d.  1999, Victoria, BC

6. Gladys Olive Dean   (m. Dec. 29, 1947, Victoria, BC)  Robert Melbourne Malcolm

b. Nov. 3, 1922, Edmonton, Alberta      b. Dec. 5, 1918, Victoria, BC

d. February 19, 2012, Victoria, BC

7. Edeana Rae Malcolm   m. July 29, 1977, Quebec City, Qc.   1. Jacques Rossignol

b. August 3, 1951, Victoria, BC   –               b. Feb. 2, 1951, Rouyn-Noranda, Qc.

                                    d. March 19, 2006, Edmonton, AB.

m. August 5, 1989, Victoria, BC      2. John David Bray

                                                               b.  Feb. 27, 1948, Ottawa, Ont.

19 thoughts on “Dean Genealogy

  1. My name is Wanda Eugina Dowe , daughter of Mabel Eugina Dean , her father name : Eugene Franklin Dean , his father ‘s name David Kirk Dean & his mother’s name: Charlotte Ansell , Mother name Sarah Ellen Dean , father name Charles Blackie Dean , mother’s name Mary Ellen Cox, I am interested in finding out more history of the Dean’s , I plan on visiting the grave yard In Dean this summer to take pictures & to take my mom to Lemon Hill where she grew up . My mom still remember many people from her childhood & many memories from the past , she is 88.I enjoyed reading your book ” Garden in the Wilderness “.

    • Hi Wanda,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I’m in Nova Scotia at the moment, launching my latest books on the Deans. But, alas, I’m leaving today. It was too short. I hope you’ll have a very good time while you’re here. I would recommend Barb Dean’s Bed and Breakfast in Middle Musquodoboit if you need a place to stay.

      Do you know which of the Dean children you’re descended from? How did you find out about my book?


      • Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you as l just seen this posting today, Barb Dean is married to my cousin Richard , His father was my mother’s brother, My mother is 91 but still know much of the Dean family , Their is just her and her brother left from their large family if you happen to get back to Nova Scotia l am sure she would love to talk to you.

    • My name is Linda and Charles Blackie Dean and Mary Ellen Cox were my great great grandparents on my mother’s side I am just starting to find out about my past. Maiden name was Fleming on my father’s side but my grandmother was a Dean

    • Hi my name is donald dean of stellarton nova scotia ,i am the son of Burton William Dean who’s father was Amos Dean wife name was Eliza Hillchey, Amos’s father was Charles Morrison Dean wife Mary Elizabeth Garrett. I would to know if you have any information on the deans where they are buried or what they did for a living or if you have any pictures of tomb stones. I would just like to here from you thanks for now .

    • Hi Wanda
      My name is Cindy Merritt (Dean), my grandfather was Lyman (Bud) Dean, Mabel’s brother. I do have some genealogy from that side of the family.

    • Thanks for reading the book. I hope you and your mom have/had a good time in Dean, Nova Scotia. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I haven’t been keeping up my blog post as I should. Too busy writing!

  2. Hi, Edeana… came across this on your birthday! It’s so cool that you’ve researched our genealogy back to John Dean. I think it’s time for Gary BURTON Dean, David CHARLES Dean, and myself – Douglas EDWARD Dean to take a little trip back to the Dean Settlement, Nova Scotia! Very interesting to trace our middle names back, too!

    • I didn’t know your middle names. It’s interesting they are all family names. Let me know when you are going back to visit Dean, Nova Scotia and I’ll give you some names of distant relatives to look up.

  3. There is a very thorough account of the Dean family in “My Pioneers” by Matthew Burris. It is online in PDF form. Starting on page 186 there are very interesting descriptions of the Dean family in Scotland and Ireland. I am somewhat related to the Dean Family through the Archibald’s.

    (1) John Archibald, Senior, of Londonderry, N. H. m (wife’s name
    (2) Eleanor Archibald m William Fisher.
    (3) Margaret Fisher m John Archibald,
    (4) Eleanor Archibald m Adam Johnson Dunlap.
    (5) Mary Dunlap m William Dean.
    I also stayed at Barb Dean’s Bed and Breakfast. This was originally on Archibald land. It’s a small world.
    Nancy Archibald

  4. Hello extended family. My name is Kylie Peterson. Grand daughter of Edna beryl dean. Great grand daughter of Everett Burton Dean. I am a military member and lived in Halifax for 4 years and didn’t know our family came from Halifax. I am so sad I didn’t explore and look for our family. I am currently researching since I just recently had a son of my own. My nana passed away quite a few years ago so I never got a chance to ask her about the dean family. But she was an amazing lady same with my great grandma, Gladys Emily Horton she used to sneak me chocolate bars while I visited her as a small child. She won them at bingo hahaha. Any help and direction would be appreciated. I am currently posted to Petawawa Ontario.


    • Hi Kylie,
      It’s so cool you found my site. Your dad Don is my first cousin. I remember your Nana, my Auntie Beryl, and your great-grandma who was my Nana. I’m living in Victoria now, so when you come visit your Dad, you should look me up. I can give you a whole lot of information on the Dean family. Unfortunately, I lost most of my information on the Horton family when I moved here from Edmonton.

  5. I am a decesened from Benijiamn Dean,great grandfather from Beaver Bank,Nova Scotia,Canada,his son,my grandfather was Thomas Edmund Dean and my Dad was Edward Vincent Dean from Beaver Bank,Halifax County,Nova Scotia,Canada! I am Brenda Dean Reid now living in Tatamagouche ,Nova Scotia,Canada😊

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