My Writing History

Publishing History

2005                On the Way to Jerusalem (short story)           Confluence: A Collection of                                        Editor’s Choice                                MacEwan Literary and Visual Art

2006                A Letter from India (short story)                     The Storyteller

2008                Come out to Play (short story)                        Island Writer

2009                Ladysmith and the Black Firebird                   Island Writer                                                               (second place in short story contest)

2010                The Ferry from Brindisi (short story)              Island Writer

2010                On Fernwood Hill (second place in short                                                                                           story contest)                                                  Village Vibe

2012                Shipwrecks (poem)                                         Existere: Journal of Arts and                                                                                                              Literature

2012                A Garden in the Wilderness (novel)                Borealis Press

2012                The Serpentine Garden Path (novel)              self-published

2013                Fishing for Memories (poem)                          Poems from Planet Earth, ed.                                                                                                        Yvonne Blomer and Cynthia                                                                                                          Woodman Kerkham, Leaf Press

2013                The Gardener’s Wife (novel)                           self-published

2013                Letters from the Gardener (novel)                  self-published

2014                All of My Butterflies (short story)                     Island Writer


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