Book 4: A Garden in the Wilderness

View near Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia 1856 by James Fox Bland

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A Garden in the Wilderness is the story of the Deans’ first year in Nova Scotia, beginning  the day their New York-bound ship is boarded by the British and taken to Halifax Harbour. They learn to deal with the difficulties of pioneer life in remote Upper Musquodoboit including meeting the natives, clearing the land, finding enough to eat and even providing clothes from scratch for a family of ten. Death visits the family and each of them learns to deal with it in their own way.

A Garden in the Wilderness is  published by Borealis Press, and can be purchased at  Shipping is free in Canada.

In Victoria, BC it can be purchased at Ivy’s Books, Cadboro Bay Books, The Well  and First-Metropolitan United Church. In Sidney, BC it is available at Tanner’s Books. It can also be borrowed from the Greater Victoria Public Library.

5 thoughts on “Book 4: A Garden in the Wilderness

  1. Hi Edeanna,

    These books sound very interesting and exciting. I love books that are placed historically.


  2. Hello Edeanna,

    I’ve read and enjoyed the first three books on my ereader, but I’m very dissapointed that this last part of the Dean family saga is not availabe as an e-book.
    Can you tell me when it might be available as an e-book.


    • Hi Lorraine,

      I’m really glad you enjoyed my books. The fourth book was published by a paper-based publisher, They are, at this moment, working on making it available as an e-book. I will let you know as soon as it is e-published.

      In the meantime, would you be so kind as to review the books for me on Smashwords. I would really appreciate it.


      • I will be happy to add a review on smashwords. I look forward to reading A Garden In The Wilderness, as so as it becomes available as an a-book.


  3. Dear Edeana:

    I was thrilled with your book “The Garden In The Wilderness”not only because it is well written but also because it tells the story of “our” Ancesters! I am also a descendant of John and Susan Kirke Dean. I am a descended through their son William.>Adam>Timothy>Agnes>Muriel>me and I am listed in Dr. Matthew Burris’ book “My Pioneer Ancesters”. This summer I had a very enjoyable visit with our cousin Eleanor Dean Hamilton at the old homestead and revisited the Dean Cemetery. It is a beautiful area!

    Thanks for putting “our” story out there!

    Kindest Regards,

    Elizabeth “Betty” Murray

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