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The Loyalist is coming!

The Loyalist is coming!

The Loyalist is coming! March 1, 2017 my latest novel will be published as an e-book and it is available now for pre-order at select retailers.In the next few weeks I will be offering information about the research I did on this book and some excerpts of the novel, so stay tuned. The Loyalist is … Continue reading

Successful Launch

I wanted to say thank you to all the people who showed up at my launch at First Metropolitan United on Friday. It was great to have so much support. A special thanks to my sisters, Gayle for taking on the kitchen duties and Margo for doing sales. Also thanks to my husband David who … Continue reading

Countdown to Book(s) Launch

Just a reminder that I will be launching two books this Friday, December 6th at 1:00 at First Metropolitan United Church on the corner of Quadra and Balmoral (Victoria, BC). If you are able to come, there will be some refreshments and I’ll do a reading from The Gardener’s Wife and Letters from the Gardener. … Continue reading

Successful launch

It’s great to be back in Victoria after spending a few weeks in Edmonton where I launched by books. If you came out to one of the two events: book signing and reading at MacEwan University Library and book(s) launch at Grace United Church, many thanks for your support. There are still some signed copies … Continue reading

Edmonton launches

My visits to Edmonton are more about descendants than ancestors: my three children and now three grandchildren live here. So my time is more than filled with visits and baby-sitting, but this trip I’m trying to slip in two events to highlight my gardener novels. The first event on September 26 at 3:30 is at … Continue reading

New Book on Smashwords

After a ridiculous amount of technical issues, I have finally published Letters from the Gardener, book 3 in my series of The Compleat Gardener. Please check it out. At least look at the cover and let me know what you think. I did it myself,  I’m no artist, and it’s different. Does it intrigue? I … Continue reading

Creating a Book Cover

I’m editing Letters from a Belfast Gardener in preparation for publishing it on Smashwords. The next step is to prepare a cover. I’m really enjoying rereading this novel as I edit it. The complex personal story of the characters is set against a backdrop of dramatic historical events. Although it is my favourite book in … Continue reading

My first book on

I’m excited to announce that you can now buy a hard copy of my book The Serpentine Garden Path from This is a prequel to A Garden in the Wilderness and the first book in the series I want to call The Compleat Gardener. Books one and two are still available as e-books. The publisher … Continue reading

The Difficulty of Titles

As you know, my novel A Garden in the Wilderness was published by Borealis Press recently. It did not always have that title. I originally wanted to call it Back to the Garden, but a google search revealed the title was already being used for a film. It is so important to do a google … Continue reading

Meeting people

It has been great getting positive feedback from readers of my book A Garden in the Wilderness. I don’t suppose that people who hate it will tell me so to my face, and that’s just as well. But if you read it and like it, let me know. Better still, let someone else know! The … Continue reading