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I’m giving away 5 free copies of The Serpentine Garden Path at Goodreads on October 1st. Check it out at Goodreads. All you have to do is write a review of the book after you’ve read it. And I’m not the only one. You can get lots of free books at Goodreads. And The Gardener’s … Continue reading

Successful Launch

I wanted to say thank you to all the people who showed up at my launch at First Metropolitan United on Friday. It was great to have so much support. A special thanks to my sisters, Gayle for taking on the kitchen duties and Margo for doing sales. Also thanks to my husband David who … Continue reading

Edmonton launches

My visits to Edmonton are more about descendants than ancestors: my three children and now three grandchildren live here. So my time is more than filled with visits and baby-sitting, but this trip I’m trying to slip in two events to highlight my gardener novels. The first event on September 26 at 3:30 is at … Continue reading

Choose Joy Before Survival

I’ve been making the wrong choices ever since I was a child. I distinctly remember at the age of about six, when given the choice of dance or swimming lessons, I chose swimming . Not that I liked it more– I didn’t– but I reckoned that if I drowned, it wouldn’t matter how great a dancer I was. … Continue reading

Back from the Dead

That title of this blog is facetious but there is some truth to it. I have just been on a one-week vacation to Maui. It was another island in the Pacific, but unlike Vancouver Island, it was warm even in November. Unlike my earlier trip to Nova Scotia and South Carolina, this one had nothing … Continue reading

My first book on

I’m excited to announce that you can now buy a hard copy of my book The Serpentine Garden Path from This is a prequel to A Garden in the Wilderness and the first book in the series I want to call The Compleat Gardener. Books one and two are still available as e-books. The publisher … Continue reading

The Difficulty of Titles

As you know, my novel A Garden in the Wilderness was published by Borealis Press recently. It did not always have that title. I originally wanted to call it Back to the Garden, but a google search revealed the title was already being used for a film. It is so important to do a google … Continue reading

The Serpentine Path now available!

I am pleased to announce that my book The Serpentine Path has now been e-published and is available at Smashwords. The Serpentine Path is the first book of four in a series that I have written about my ancestors. It tells of the romance between Susan Kirke, the daughter of a gentleman, and John Dean, the … Continue reading

The Importance of Memoir

What treasures do you keep hidden in your memory that future generations would love to uncover? In my blog, I have already told how I found the story that was to become the framework of my novels, but it bears repeating. A hundred years ago, a man named Arnold Stewart wrote down his grandfather’s oral … Continue reading

Pigging out in the Eighteenth Century

Meat was the staple of eighteenth century meals– meat, meat and more meat. Although the poor might have only two types of meat at a meal, the wealthy would have many, many more. It was customary to dress for dinner, including corset, bodice, stockings, petticoats, gown with ruffles and shoes. At dinner, there would be … Continue reading