Exploring Canadian Roots (5)

The Great War a.k.a. World War I We visited a lot of war memorials, museums and cemeteries and I am proud to say the Canadian ones are the best. First we visited Beaumont-Hamel, the Newfoundland memorial where a battle was fought on Jul y 1, 1916. We arrived just in time for a tour with … Continue reading

Exploring Canadian Roots (4)

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Dieppe. Not a good day to take pictures with a tablet because you are shooting blind. So I have few photos to share today. It was a very good day for discovering Canadian Roots, however. We came to Dieppe thinking only about the disastrous battle of August … Continue reading

Exploring Canadian Roots(3)

Saturday Champlain at HonfleurThe subtitle is a pun of David’s, of course, which requires that you shorten Samuel and know the French for Saturday. Honfleur In March,1603, Samuel Dr Champlain,geographer and explorer, left Honfleur to explore the St. Lawrence and travelled up to the rapids above Montreal. He is the founder of Quebec. (1608) and … Continue reading

Exploring Canadian Roots (2)

Juno Beach Centre on VE-Day At first we just thought the French were just trying to annoy us by making today a statutory holiday. Everything was closed! It wasn’t until we were on our tour of Juno Beach that we realized it was Victory in Europe Day, and they had every reason to take the … Continue reading

Exploring Canadian Roots

Jacques Cartier at St. Malo With the exception of the Vikings, (more on that subject in a later post), Jacques Cartier captained the first European ship to explore Canada. He was born in the beautiful walled town of St.Malo. Cartier met the king Francois I at Mont St. Michel and was given a commission to … Continue reading

Test post

About to embark on a three-week odyssey in northern France, I am testing to see if I can post blogs from my tablet. I’m leaving on Wednesday, so look for the photos from my trip after that. Guess the online dictionary doesn’t know the word “odyssey” because it changed it to Odysseus. Odyssey is a … Continue reading

My Guest Blog on The Story Ape

In 2006, I finally listened to that inner voice telling me to do what I’d always wanted to do– write novels. Then there was the question of what to write about. While I was busy with another hobby of mine, genealogy, it came to me. My family history contained many stories that needed to be … Continue reading

Read an E-book Week (last day)

Read an E-book Week (last day)

Review an E-book There are so many millions of books out there. How does anyone find one? Browsing, of course, but then when you find one that looks like it might be worth reading, how do you know it is? One way is by reviews. It’s really important when you finish reading an e-book that … Continue reading