A Review of The Loyalist

The Loyalist by Edeana Malcolm Reviewed by Alex Greer The Loyalists, or the United Empire Loyalists, to use the full term, have long held a mystique and hallowed place in the history of English-speaking Canada. As French Canadians value l’habitant, and Americans take pride in the Jamestown planters and Pilgrim Fathers, so English Canadians value the role … Continue reading

Availability of The Loyalist

If you live in Victoria, BC, you are able to purchase my latest novel at several local bookstores. These are Ivy’s in Oak Bay, Coles at Tillicum Mall and Bolen Books at Hillside Mall. I will be at Coles Bookstore to sign copies of my book on Saturday, March 30 from 10 am to 3 … Continue reading

The Hundred Mile Reading Diet

November is Craft Fair month when you can buy your Christmas gifts, and Victoria Writers’ Society is renting a table at a different fair almost every weekend. Members, many of whom are self-published, take full advantage of the opportunity to sell their books. You will see them flogging their “craft” — the craft of writing– … Continue reading

The American Revolution in South Carolina

In 2012, my husband David and I went to South Carolina to see where Michael Greissen Frein and the Palatines ended up. They were sent from Charlestown to the interior and received land along the tributaries of the Savannah River. The British settlers along the coast wanted them as a buffer against the native population. … Continue reading

A Case of Crowd-Funding, 1764

As I mentioned in my blog last week, my ancestor Michael left his home in the Palatine in 1764 on his way to the New World. Along with hundreds of others of his countrymen, he gave his life’s savings to the unscrupulous Count Johann Heinrich von Stumpel to emigrate to Nova Scotia. They got no … Continue reading


My new novel The Loyalist is based on the life of my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Michael Eisan (c.1730-1833). He was born Michael Greissen-Frein in the Palatine area of what is now Germany, an area called Pfalz in German. Nothing is known about his early days– exactly where he was born or who his parents were. One thing that can … Continue reading


When Elisheva’s son Jochanan is beheaded, she is stricken with grief and consumed by anger against those who have killed him. She wants to speak out against them but is frustrated by her powerless position as a woman. So she joins a group who follow Yeshua, hoping to have her say, but it doesn’t quite … Continue reading

#book launch

My latest novel is being launched into the world this Monday, July 24 at 7pm at First Metropolitan United Church. It’s the first-person account of Elisheva, or Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist, who feels angry, grief-stricken and powerless after the beheading of her son. How does she deal with this grief and anger? … Continue reading

#am blogging

At the end of her life, Elisheva tells her story. It’s about anger at injustice and grief at the death of loved ones. And it’s about so much more than that. At its core, it’s the love story of an old couple at the end of their lives. No matter how old you are, there is still time to … Continue reading