In these pages I will post my published poems.

The first poem listed alphabetically was published in April, 2013 in Poems from Planet Earth, edited by Yvonne Blomer and Cynthia Woodman Kerkham. It is a book of poems by poets who read at the Planet Earth Poetry group every Friday evening at Moka House on Hillside in Victoria, BC. Kerkham says “‘Fishing for Memories’ swims in the shifting lights of love and desire.”

The next poem “Shipwrecks” was published in the Spring/Summer edition of Existere Journal (Vol. 31 Issue 2) published in 2012.  Existere  is published by York University. A child has a nightmare and runs to her mother’s arms, expressing the universal connection between  the mother and child.

The third poem “The Woman at the Well: for Emily Carr” was published in the Lenten devotions booklet of First Metropolitan United Church in February, 2013. The Biblical woman at the well becomes Emily Carr in this poem. The deep well from which she draws her inspiration is found in this place on Vancouver Island where she is spurned by the local people because of her eccentricities.

The fourth poem “Michelangelo Musings” was published in Island Writer magazine in the December, 2018. It won third prize in the Victoria Writers’ Society annual contest in 2018. It is based on remarks overheard during my trip to Italy in the spring of 2018.

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