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New Book on the Way!

My new novel is called Crossing Bridges. It takes place in Victoria, British Columbia during the years of European settlement, 1853 to 1897, and tells the story of three generations of women: Edie, her daughter Lucy and her granddaughter Maggie. Unlike most of my other books, it is not based on any of my ancestors. … Continue reading

Lying in Church

This evening is my second book launch of A Garden in the Wilderness at First+Metropolitan United Church chapel. There I will assert with confidence that John and Susan Dean are my great-great-great-great-grandparents. But last night I was talking on the phone to my second cousin in Florida, Monty Williamson, upon whose genealogical research my confident … Continue reading

Book Launch Imminent

My novel A Garden in the Wilderness is currently being printed in Ottawa and will soon be on its way to Victoria. If you want a copy hot off the press, come to the Well at 821 Fort Street on March 21st and I will sign one for you. If you can’t make it then, … Continue reading

Epiphany Explorations

As you know, an epiphany is a brilliant insight that comes to you suddenly, what Oprah calls an “ah ha” moment. We have just finished our annual five-day conference at First-Metropolitan United Church in Victoria called “Epiphany Explorations.” It was, as always, an amazing experience. My epiphany during this conference was  to understand clearly the … Continue reading