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When Elisheva’s son Jochanan is beheaded, she is stricken with grief and consumed by anger against those who have killed him. She wants to speak out against them but is frustrated by her powerless position as a woman. So she joins a group who follow Yeshua, hoping to have her say, but it doesn’t quite … Continue reading

A Modern Zaccheus Story

When Jesus came back as a Canadian, one of the first things he did was to go to Florida in the middle of winter. He went to the prison where Conrad Black was staying and he threw open the prison door. “Come out,” he said. “I clear the Black name of its stain forever. You … Continue reading

Epiphany Explorations

As you know, an epiphany is a brilliant insight that comes to you suddenly, what Oprah calls an “ah ha” moment. We have just finished our annual five-day conference at First-Metropolitan United Church in Victoria called “Epiphany Explorations.” It was, as always, an amazing experience. My epiphany during this conference was  to understand clearly the … Continue reading