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The American Revolution in South Carolina

In 2012, my husband David and I went to South Carolina to see where Michael Greissen Frein and the Palatines ended up. They were sent from Charlestown to the interior and received land along the tributaries of the Savannah River. The British settlers along the coast wanted them as a buffer against the native population. … Continue reading

Michael Eisan’s House

“At the end of the workday, Michael paused before his cabin and examined his workmanship: the hand-planed logs with mortared chinks. It was always a marvel to him that he had done it himself. Where there had been nothing but wilderness before, he had crafted a home. The deep pride he felt steeled him for … Continue reading

The Missing Pieces of his Silence

That’s the working title of my new novel, which used to be called Loyal Unto Death. I am running into all kinds of headaches writing the part about the American Revolution. My main character is a Loyalist, thus on the losing side. But he’s a real person and he was really at the Battle of King’s … Continue reading

Serendipity in the South

Looking back on my trip to South Carolina and neighboring states, I have the lingering feeling that I was walking through the pages of my novel about Michael Eisan. It was especially strong after the last day that we spent in Gastonia, North Carolina, not far from King’s Mountain. I thought that I had finished my research, … Continue reading

Rescued by a King

When I was in England last month I did some research on the fascinating life of my United Empire Loyalist ancestor Michael Eisan, the subject of my next novel. The Eisan family website tells the remarkable story of his emigration from the Palatinate area of Germany. In 1763, 20,000 acres of land in Nova Scotia was … Continue reading

On Vacation

I’m off to England for three weeks for a much needed vacation. We’re doing a house/car swap with a good friend in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. I’ve never been there and am really looking forward to taking it easy and exploring the area. While we’re there we may make a couple of day trips to London. I … Continue reading