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The American Revolution in South Carolina

In 2012, my husband David and I went to South Carolina to see where Michael Greissen Frein and the Palatines ended up. They were sent from Charlestown to the interior and received land along the tributaries of the Savannah River. The British settlers along the coast wanted them as a buffer against the native population. … Continue reading

The Siege of Ninety Six

In the book The Loyalists at Kings Mountain, it is written that Michael Isham “evacuated Fort Ninety Six with Lt. Col. John H. Cruger.” This places him at another important battle of the American Revolution in the south: the Siege of Ninety Six. In 2012, we visited this battle site near Edgefield, South Carolina. My husband David … Continue reading

The Siege of Ninety Six

Ninety Six was the name of a trading post and then a town, fort and Revolutionary battle site in the back country of South Carolina. Nobody seems to know why it is called by that name. The best guess is that it was 96 miles to a nearby Indian village. All I know is that my ancestor … Continue reading

South Carolina, Here We Come

I just booked my flights for a round the continent trip in September and October. Instead of a vague dream, it’s that much closer to a reality. The trip includes a book tour for A Garden in the Wilderness in Nova Scotia and a research trip for my present book in South Carolina. I spent … Continue reading