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New Book on the Way!

My new novel is called Crossing Bridges. It takes place in Victoria, British Columbia during the years of European settlement, 1853 to 1897, and tells the story of three generations of women: Edie, her daughter Lucy and her granddaughter Maggie. Unlike most of my other books, it is not based on any of my ancestors. … Continue reading

Musings from Middle Earth (1)

Are We Ready for the Big One? So many people have told me how much Christchurch is like my hometown of Victoria. These are the similarities I have noticed: both are called The Garden City and both are well-deserving of that name; the weather also seems similar, and both have a large beautiful park downtown;  both … Continue reading

Back from the Dead

That title of this blog is facetious but there is some truth to it. I have just been on a one-week vacation to Maui. It was another island in the Pacific, but unlike Vancouver Island, it was warm even in November. Unlike my earlier trip to Nova Scotia and South Carolina, this one had nothing … Continue reading